Day #1 of your Mental Healthcare Journey

By Linzy Farmerie-Mogielski, Content Editor of BroglieBox
5 min read

If I could hop into a time machine, there is so much that I wish I could tell myself about where to start in addressing my mental health. I knew I needed help and I knew that it was time that I advocate for my well being. Most people ask themselves the same questions…

I’ve never been to therapy or counseling. Is there a difference?
Wait… what’s a psychologist versus a psychiatrist versus a counselor?
Where do I even find a therapist and how do I know they are the right fit for me?

How often should I go?
Is taking medication a part of my plan?

All of these racing thoughts are enough to freeze us in our tracks. Especially if we are already struggling, it can be so hard to chip away at the to-do list that comes along with finding the right care plan for you. But believe me, IT IS WORTH IT. Your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health is WORTH IT.


So, we’ve complied the four most important articles for the newbie reader. We want to be your guru through the process here!

When Do I Need to See a Mental Healthcare Professional

Where to Start in Finding the Right Mental Healthcare Professional for You

Defined: Types of Mental Health Professionals, Psychological Counseling, and Psychotherapy

Taking Medicine Does Not Mean Something Is “Wrong” With You

We hope these amazing resources help you in your next chapter! I took ownership of my mental health and it has radically changed my life! I wish the same for you! ❤

Based in Pittsburgh PA, Linzy Farmerie-Mogielski has battled high functioning anxiety and clinical depression for most of her adult life and has found life-changing freedom and community in breaking stigmas. As an advocate for change, she speaks at events encouraging others to seek appropriate care and practice radical self-love. Through sharing her story, her superpowers have become approachability, vulnerability, and transparency! In addition to mental health, she is passionate about ministry, travel, art, and coffee! Linzy is also a member of the BroglieBox team and is Content Editor of the BroglieBlog.  You can follow her on instagram at @bonjourlinzy

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