About Us

Julia is a chemical engineer by degree. She is the co-founder of BroglieBox.

Hey there! We’re the BroglieBox team.

My name is Julia Broglie and I am the co-founder of BroglieBox. BroglieBox is a curated care package of tools and resources that may be able to help you with stress and anxiety.

After losing my brother to Justin by suicide in 2014, I wanted to find a way to help others who may be struggling. We launched BroglieBox in 2018 as a quarterly subscription box that was delivered to your doorstep. After some time, we realized that we wanted to be able to make these tools available to everyone year round, so we did away with the subscription model and relaunched the business as a full-time hub for your mental health.

Dustin has been in the entertainment business for over 20 years. He co-founded BroglieBox with Julia in 2018.

Hey Team!

My name is Dustin Belt and I am the co-founder of BroglieBox.

My background is quite different from Julia’s. I have been a professional touring musician for over a decade and have played music in over 30 countries.

I have lived with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember, although I was never taught how to identify it. Being in the creative world, I see friends and colleagues everyday who struggle with their own forms of mental health issues.

I wanted to also find a way to help others, albeit in a way that they may not have thought of themselves.

Linzy Farmerie

Hey guys!

My name is Linzy Farmerie and I am the executive assistant to BroglieBox, as well as the lead contributing editor for the BroglieBlog.

I live in Pittsburgh, PA with my husband and cat.