Black Mental Health Resources & Networks

By The BroglieBox Team
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Black Mental Health Podcast
With the stigma of therapy being a “white people thing’ coupled with the cost of therapy, black people are left to deal with mental health issues on their own. The black mental health podcast is here not as a replacement to therapy but as an alternative.

Open Path Collective seeks to be a safe space for marginalized identities to receive therapy. Additionally, if the cost of therapy is intimidating, this is a great place to start. 

Therapy For Black Girls is a podcast, community, and therapist directory started by Joy Harden Bradford, a black psychologist, who hoped to bridge the gap between black women and therapy.

Therapy For Black Men is aimed at helping black men find a therapist who is informed about the unique mental health issues that black men face. With black men four times more likely to commit suicide than black women, breaking the stigma against seeking mental health treatment is especially pertinent.

Melanin & Mental Health wants to bridge the gap between black and brown identities and mental health treatment through destigmatization and building community.

Support Guide – Mental Health in the African American Community
African Americans are strong people and can recover from mental health challenges. With access to the right tools and treatment, between 70% and 90% of all individuals say they have reduced symptoms and improved quality of life.

10 additional networks for finding a Black (or allied) therapist.

  1. Ayana Therapy
  2. Black Female Therapists
  3. Black Virtual Therapist Network
  4. Inclusive Therapists (and its directory specifically of therapists offering reduced-fee teletherapy)
  5. My Tru Circle (from Black Therapists Rock)
  6. National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network
  7. Psychology Today
  8. The Association of Black Psychologists
  9. Therapy for Queer People of Color
  10. Zencare

Are there other resources that you think we should share? Tell us!

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