Diversify Your Feed… Now.

By Linzy Farmerie-Mogielski, Content Editor of BroglieBox
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If all of the content you are scrolling through all looks the same right now, there is a chance it’s time to diversify your feed. So grab your phone, open up instagram, and check out these people and organizations asap.

@ihartericka – Erika Hart, Sex Educator and Social/Gender Justice Disruptor

@evyan.whitney – Ev’Yan Whitney, Host of @sexuallyliberatedwoman

@valencia_valencia – Valencia D. Clay, Author

@rachel.cargle – Rachel Elizabeth Cargle, Writer

@charlenecarruthers – Charlene Carruthers, Author

@adwoaaboah – Adwoa Aboah, Activist Model, and founder of Gurls Talk Mental Health Support

@chasinggarza – Alicia Garza, Co-Creator of #BlackLivesMatter

@tamikadmallory – Tamika D. Mallory, Activist

@policingblack – Robyn Maynard, Best selling author of Policing Black Lives

@_morganjerkins – Morgan Kerkins, Author of This Will Be My Undoing

@monique.w.morris – Monique W. Morris, Ed.D., Author and Filmmaker

@tiffanymjewell – Tiffany Jewell, Educational Consultant

@iamrachelricketts – Rachel Ricketts, Racial Justice Educator and Spiritual Activist

@kendriana.speaks – Kenriana Speaks, Writer and Teacher

@zenchangeangel – Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Co-Author Radical Dharma

@iamnefertitiaustin – Nefertiti Austin, Author of Motherhood So White

@iamtabithabrown – Tabitha Brown, Actress and Vegan Influencer

@theslumflower – Chidera Eggerue, Author

@therealkamie – Kamie Crawford, News Personality and Co-Host of MTV’s Catfish

@simonepowderly – Simone Powderly, Model and Co-Founder of @theteenexperience

@feministajones – Feminista Jones, Author

@kimberlecrenshaw – Kimberle Crenshaw, Co-Founder at @aapolicyforum

@raquel_willis – Raquel Willis, Former Executive Editor of @outmagazine

@amandaseales – Amanda Seales, Podcast Host

@mspackyetti – Brittany Packnett Cunningham, Activist

@laylafsaad – Layla F. Saad, Author of Me and White Supremacy

@moemotivate – Monique Melton, Anti-Racism Educator, Podcast Host, Author, Speaker

@ijeomaoluo – Ijeoma Oluo, Author

@dr.thelma – Dr. Thelma, Minister, Psychologist, and Author

@nowhitesaviors – No White Saviors, Organization

@myishathill – Myisha T. Hill, Mental Wellness and Justice

@indyamoore – Indya Moore, Activist and Educator

@ashleemariepreston – Ashlee Marie Preston, Media Personality and Activist

@elainewelteroth – Elaine Welteroth, Author of More Than Enough

Based in Pittsburgh PA, Linzy Farmerie-Mogielski has battled high functioning anxiety and clinical depression for most of her adult life and has found life-changing freedom and community in breaking stigmas. As an advocate for change, she speaks at events encouraging others to seek appropriate care and practice radical self-love. Through sharing her story, her superpowers have become approachability, vulnerability, and transparency! In addition to mental health, she is passionate about ministry, travel, art, and coffee! Linzy is also a member of the BroglieBox team and is Content Editor of the BroglieBlog.  You can follow her on instagram at @bonjourlinzy

We would love to hear more about the accounts you are following to listen to voices and perspectives other than your own! Drop them in the comments so we can follow too! Looking for POC Friendly Mental Health Accounts? Check out our recommendations here

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