Creative Ways to Celebrate Mothers Day (and other occasions) During a Pandemic

By The BroglieBox Team
4 min read

In a time of social distancing, holidays like Mother’s Day can pose many challenges. We asked some of our contributing writers and peers how they are planning to celebrate this year and to share an encouraging thought with families…

What creative ways are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year? 

I am going to say a social distancing hello to my Mom who lives just 30min away, but I haven’t seen in 2 months! I’m making her a hand-made card, scheduling a Zoom Mother-daughter healthy baking session (she loves cooking!) and bringing her flowers. – Tessie Tracy, Certified Eating Psychology CoachIG: @tessietracy,

We are going to work on our vegetable garden together as a family! We figure that it will be a great family project that will teach the kids responsibility, place fresh veggies on our table, keep us active outside, and create something together! – Jamie Orlando, Marketing Director Butler Technologies

It might not seem very festive to have a zoom party or a phone call to celebrate Mother’s Day, but we can focus on making these gestures meaningful. I plan on spending quality time with my kids and the mothers in my life, even that must be from a distance. Perhaps you’re able to safely drop off flowers, or record a video message to show your appreciation. Take a moment to reflect on the person you’d like to celebrate, and think about what would matter most to them. Mother’s Day can also bring up difficult feelings for some of us, so remember to be kind to yourself. – Dr. Chandler Chang Ph.D., Psychologist & Founder of Therapy LabSocial Links: @TherapyLabInc

We will be doing “drive-by hello’s” this weekend to see my husband’s mother and grandma. My mother is in another state, so we will be having a “virtual dinner” together via Facebook. We try to make the same-ish meal if we can and literally prop our laptop up on the table in our dining room and eat together. It’s not ideal but it’s something, ya know? – Linzy Farmerie-Mogielski, BroglieBox Team

What encouraging thought do you want to share with these special women this year? (Please keep in mind: mothers, grandmothers, step-mothers, adoptive mothers, soon to be mothers, mothers in waiting, women struggling with fertility, women who’ve lost a child, or mother-figures). 

Here’s to you, yes you, the woman who lights up when she see’s another human through compassionate eyes. YOU are a mother. You are a mother to those who gather around you. You are a mother to those who make your heart ache, even from a distance. You are a mother to the most important soul, your own. I honor you, today and every day, for healing this world, just by being you. Happy Mothering Day.  – Jessie Douglass-Smith McGraw, Mindful Health practitioner & Transformative coach @whatmovesyouwithjessie

Any form of Motherhood is like magic. From the outside looking in, no one can really tell how it’s done… and even the magician doesn’t always know how they pull it off. – Tessie Tracy, Certified Eating Psychology CoachIG: @tessietracy,

This moment has not been easy on mothers, and I want to celebrate the strength and resilience that we are witnessing. I’m surrounded by women who have risen to the challenge of homeschooling their children, working from home, and caring for other loved ones all at once. Some of us are braving hospitals to give birth, mothering through illness, and grieving loss. I hope you feel appreciated, supported, and proud. You deserve more self-care and self-compassion than ever, so celebrate Mother’s Day by giving that to yourself. – Dr. Chandler Chang Ph.D., Psychologist & Founder of Therapy LabSocial Links: @TherapyLabInc

Some other social distancing ideas are:
-Send your loved one a takeout meal or certificate to their fav local restaurant
-Send your loved one a BroglieBox 😉
-Send them a gift card to a local small business
-Drive by hello’s
-Window waves
-Happy Mother’s day “car-parade”
-Prerecorded messages
-Make a card or piece of artwork and mail it

We’d love to hear what you and your family are doing this year! Share in the comments! ❤

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