Creating a Healthy Routine for Stress Relief

By Dr. Elizabeth Cunningham5 min read When I think about starting the new year and everything that goes with it, budgeting, planning events, goals, work, education, taxes, etc., one thing comes to mind – STRESS!  Regardless of the time of year, stress is an ever-present factor in our lives.  One simple and effective way of managing stress is by creating a routine for ourselves.  Creating … Continue reading Creating a Healthy Routine for Stress Relief

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How Relaxation Sparks Creativity

By Monique Mendez2 min read We unlock creativity in our most relaxed moments. However, in our hectic daily lives, we may not find our creativity and instead feel completely stuck. Taking the time to truly relax and let our minds wander could incidentally make us the next great American novelist… or just get some ideas flowing. Our Brain is Activated When we find quiet moments … Continue reading How Relaxation Sparks Creativity

3 Tools to Manage Emotional Eating

By Tessie Tracy10 min read You’re driving home from work, trying to release stress. But that presentation. You’re not ready. What if you mess up? What if you forget what to say? As your mind is fluttering, your body made a decision to pull into the store and pick up some mini chocolate-frosted cupcakes. You pop open the container and take that blissful first bite. Creamy … Continue reading 3 Tools to Manage Emotional Eating

Managing Anxiety around the Coronavirus

By Annie Wright, LMFT10 min read Unless you’ve been living under a rock and taking a major detox from all forms of media consumption and social contact, you’re well aware that the world is talking about COVID-19, the coronavirus. And, like many, you’ve likely felt surges of anxiety about the coronavirus. I get it. I have a bit, too.  So how do we manage this anxiety … Continue reading Managing Anxiety around the Coronavirus

School, Work, and Mental Health

By  Stephanie Catalano10 min read It’s not uncommon for people to put more emphasis on physical health, but it’s time to recognize mental health as essential. Mental Health is Important.We are living in a world where there is a lot of outside pressure and noise all of which can cause additional stress and interrupt one’s mental health. It’s crucial to take care of yourself to … Continue reading School, Work, and Mental Health