Creating a Healthy Routine for Stress Relief

By Dr. Elizabeth Cunningham5 min read When I think about starting the new year and everything that goes with it, budgeting, planning events, goals, work, education, taxes, etc., one thing comes to mind – STRESS!  Regardless of the time of year, stress is an ever-present factor in our lives.  One simple and effective way of managing stress is by creating a routine for ourselves.  Creating … Continue reading Creating a Healthy Routine for Stress Relief

Holiday Travel – Stop Trippin’

By Ali Behar, LCSW8 min read So many of life’s major stressors are experiences that we actually choose— like getting married, starting a new job, starting a family, and travel! Why is that and how can we manage those feelings? While travel is usually undertaken with a positive goal in mind—like pleasure, adventure, or reconnecting with family, travel disrupts our routine by nature. While the … Continue reading Holiday Travel – Stop Trippin’