Coping With Grief During The Holidays

Kristin Meekhof, LMSW 4 minute read. If you speak to anyone who suffered a loss this year, chances are they will tell you they feel lost. They may also tell you they wish they could quash the holidays all together rather than trying to adapt to these trying times. And since grief is an isolating experience, creating meaningful connections is especially important this year. Although, … Continue reading Coping With Grief During The Holidays

I’m fa-la-la-losin’ it! 3 Tips to Survive the Holidays

Fa-la-la-losin’ it?3 Tips to Deal with Holiday Stress So, tis the season! We’re going to talk about three ways to deal with holiday season stress. By the way, can anyone just FEEL the frustration in this photo? I know it’s not just me. Just seeing this tangled mess and I get annoyed. LOL Home Alone just got real. Usually, when people ask us how it’s … Continue reading I’m fa-la-la-losin’ it! 3 Tips to Survive the Holidays

Addiction and Suicide

By: Mike Muldoon 5 minute read The mental strain associated with both addiction and suicide puts people struggling with substance use disorders at a high risk for suicide when compared to non-substance users. Dual Diagnosis Addiction and suicide are often linked with an additional mental health issue, which is referred to as a dual diagnosis. Addiction used to be (and sometimes still is) thought of … Continue reading Addiction and Suicide